Lynn B.
The journey began with Foster Ridpath's Functional Fitness class—"adult gym class" as some of us fondly call it every now and then. This led to CrossFit; specifically CrossFit Radford... ls it good, is it bad, will you collapse, will you destroy your body, will I be able to do this? On 1 October 2013, Pahl and I took the leap and walked in to CrossFit Radford. We hoped we wouldn't die or someone would pick us off the floor and scoot us out of the way if we did. All I could do was run and the running days were best. Hm, they still are. :) Fast forward 3 years. What has changed? Can I do a push up? Yes, thanks to "no knees November 2013." Can I do a pull-up?... a few. At the 3 year mark what is the best accomplishment due to this crazy wonderful sport and hobby? It is by far the privilege to share in moments of triumph of my fellow gym addicts. To see friends and acquaintances attain goals such as pu|l-ups, push-ups, running 8 miles, cleaning, jerking, snatching, rowing, and double under jumping is inspiring and uplifting. Both the young and "experienced" are able to enjoy a level of fitness and accomplishment that maybe they never thought possible. When the retirees kick your butt on the rower and have a small smile on their faces, it is a very good day. Many thanks to the CFR community for making our box a wonderful place to realize what we once thought impossible and insurmountable is possible. Lynn B.
Lee C.
I started Crossfit a little over a year ago. I had been exercising regularly for about a year but really wanted to do something different. My sister Loren talked me in to trying one of the Saturday morning classes to see if we liked it. I remember watching everyone during that class thinking that there was no way I would ever be able to do the things they were doing. While I was intimidated I decided to give it my best shot and I'm still doing that over a year later.

Being a part of the CFR community has been great. It has given me confidence to try new things and to believe in myself. The encouragement from the coaches and other members of the community really helps you push yourself to places you never thought you could go. I think sometimes we all focus on the things that we don't do well, or the skill that we just can't seem to master and forget about how far we have really come in our journey. I am in much better physical condition and am much healthier in all aspects of my life because of CFR.

I like many things about Crossfit but I would have to say that the support of the community and the coaches willingness to work with each person individually to help reach their own goals has been wonderful. The coaches always seem to know when you need that little push or encouraging word to get you through a workout. I have and will continue to recommend Crossfit. The benefits are amazing. Lee C.
Brittany O.
I vividly remember my first WOD at Crossfit Radford. The box was not even open yet but I went with some friends who knew Foster from college. I was sore for days after that. I worked night shift at the time and I can recall being in a patient’s room struggling to squat down because my quads ached so much. I was pretty out of shape and had just done the most intense work out of my life… but I loved it. I ended up moving away from Radford for about a year and a half; so I was not able to continue and decided to take up running in hopes of training for a half marathon. Eventually I returned to Radford and I immediately went back to the box. I had become an efficient distance runner at this point but I knew it was important to cross train and strengthen my whole body. The best thing about starting Crossfit is that you PR almost every time you enter the box. There is so much room for growth and improvement. I shaved a minute off my mile and ran my first half marathon in Fall 2014. I learned a lot from that experience – specifically about recovery after a race. I ended up taking a few months off Crossfit because my knees and feet ached so badly from my lack of recovery after running 13 miles. There have been several times over the past few years that have required me to take a break but I always go back. Now Crossfit is just a normal part of my life. I usually make it in 4-5 times a week depending on my work schedule. The thing I love most about it is without a doubt the community of people I work out with. But I also love the sport. It’s intense, sometimes it feels like insanity, but I always come out on the other side stronger because of it. I want to take care of the body I have been given and be equipped for whatever life brings my way. Olympic weight lifting has not only made me stronger, it has made me conscious of my posture and form when I’m doing normal life activities like picking up a box or pulling a patient up in the bed. As my coach Rene frequently says, “The best type of medicine is preventative medicine.” Crossfit has been just that for me. I’m less injury prone because I’m conditioned and mindful of my body. The intensity of Crossfit not only challenges you to be more aware of your mobility, movement and endurance but it also makes you realize how important it is to fuel your body. My diet still has plenty of room for improvement but I eat healthier now than I ever have before. I am a little over two years in to consistently doing Crossfit but I honestly can’t imagine life without it. It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle – and one I plan on sticking to and growing in as long as God allows. I am extremely thankful for the coaches and members of Crossfit Radford for teaching, encouraging and challenging me in my Crossfit journey. Brittany O.
Don G.
I have been with CFR from the beginning. I was looking for a challenging place to work out. I wanted something more out of the time I was putting in to exercise and fitness.

What I found was programming that pushed me to work hard. I also found a community of people who encourage and support one another; a brotherhood of sorts.

I have always found the coaching to be tailored to the needs of the person. I have also found that our coaches continually encourage and help you succeed.

CFR is an oasis. Being a part of the community has made me stronger mentally and physically.

Don G.
I started "doing" Crossfit on my own probably 5-6 years ago, was not very successful and I would pick and choose what exercises I wanted to do. When CFR opened about 3 years ago I joined as soon as I could and it was a humbling experience. I thought I was in shape when I started but then quickly realized I was not. I struggled to make it through the warm-ups without trying to catch my breath. I had to relearn how to do squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. I struggled with the Olympic Lifts but now look forward to them, it's all about technique when it comes to them. I am probably in the best shape of my life and I owe that to CFR. One of the big reasons that I enjoy Crossfit is that it is something different everyday. I get bored going into a "Globo Gym" and doing the same lifts, movements, exercises the same way, day after day. I like that you can get strength and cardio from the same workout and it's usually over in an hour. I also like the community part of it as well. Most people go to the same class and will compete with people in that class but it's not about being first it's about pushing each other. Everyone cheers on each other until the last person is done. I also enjoying doing the competitions, especially when my wife, Fiona, gets to compete with me. The coaches are next to none, they all coach off the same play sheet but each has their own way of doing things. I know where CFR came from and what it is now, I can only imagine what it's going to be like in the future. Rhodes
Jenni W.
It took a year of convincing, but my dad (aka, “the chief”, if you ever stop by The 11 a.m. class you will have an opportunity to meet him) finally talked me into working out with him one morning. The workout was 400m repeats and since I was “a runner” I never dreamed he would kick my tail in the workout, but he did, and from there I was hooked. Crossfit Radford has changed my perspective of a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, Crossfit will make you look and feel better, but more than that, Crossfit has transformed my view of body image and taught me to embrace my strengths and work on my weaknesses. My focus has shifted from the number on the scale to the weight on the bar; how much can I back squat, snatch and deadlift. I now look at food as an energy source and eat to fuel my body, occasionally enjoying a donut or two! Crossfit has made me believe in myself. I never thought I would see the day when I could do a strict pull up, much less a hand stand push up, but what once were weaknesses gradually grow into strengths. I have learned that my mind is often the limiting factor and proven to myself that I can accomplish the next Crossfit goal, maybe not today or tomorrow, but overtime I will succeed. Applying this principle to my daily life has helped my outlook on “adulting” tremendously, if you don’t succeed today keep believing and working and you are bound to meet your goals. My dad got me started, but the Crossfit Radford coaches and members kept me coming back. The coaches are always willing to work with you toward meeting your fitness and lifestyle goals. Crossfit Radford members are some of the best around, everyone is always encouraging of one another and we tend to have a fun time while doing fitness. Crossfit Radford is the best fitness family, hands down, come check us out today! Jenni W.
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