Workouts for the Week


For Time: Part 1

2 Rounds

Row 400m

Run 200m

15 Wall Ball Push Press 20/14

12 Burpees

rest 1:1 before part 2

For Time: Part 2

2 Rounds

Row 300m

Run 100m

10 Wall Ball Push Pres 20/14

8 Burpees

rest 1:1 before part 3

For Time: Part 3

2 Rounds

Row 200m

Run 50m

5 Wall Ball Push Press 20/14

4 Burpees

*score each part

Optional Accessory:

15 Wall Walks for quality

Accumulate 2 min Chin above bar hang or Bar Hang

accumulate 2 min L-sit or Tuck hold


Weightlifting 15-20 min (shoot for 4 rounds)

1 Halting Deadlift + 1 Regular Deadlift (Climbing)

10-12 Quad Fall Outs

100m Single Arm Farmers Carry(HAP) (alternate sides every round)


For Time:


Single Arm DB Squat Clean 50/35*

Box Jumps 24/20 (step up)

*Switch hands every 2 reps for cleans


Weightlifting 15-20 min - Shoot for 4-5 sets

Slit Jerk (Pause in Dip) + Split Jerk (pause in catch) * Climb across as able

10-12 Supinated Bent Over Row (bar or dbs)

10-12 Lateral Lunges (weighted or not)

(rest as needed)


For Time:


Russian KBS 53/35

Double Unders (single unders x 1.5)

Rx Plus:70/53


For Quality

20-25 min

Snatch with pause at knee+ Snatch with pause at Thigh + Snatch

(can be power or squat)

Rope Climb Practice

Handstand Hold 30-60 seconds

Handstand walk 30-50ft

Wall walks

Muscle Ups

Strict toes to bar


with a partner


5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

-rest 3 min after each round-